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omteddy2006's Journal

real life is hard...come play with me online!

23 May 1969
I'm a book-reading, nature-loving vegetarian mother of one and stepmom of another who quite possibly loves her dog too much.

I currently work part-time as a historical interpreter at a museum/historic house in a small college town in Texas while I raise my youngest full-time. My bachelor of arts degree is in Photography. My master of arts is in Museum Studies.

I'm a pretty grounded individual, but I don't always make sense to others. If I tick you off, I probably didn't do so on purpose...I just didn't express myself clearly. Because, generally speaking, you'll know when I mean to do it.

I'm a Gemini married to a Pisces. Air + Water = Bubbles. It can get interesting sometimes. (Note: I don't really follow astrology that much.)

I used to think of myself as "middle of the road" politically, but I'm actually fairly progressive. After 2000, I redefined myself as "liberal" and have never looked back.

I started this journal to keep up with several writing projects I've had in the back of my mind for years. And, to possibly work on others inspired by my most recent obsession with actor Joe Armstrong. On the aforementioned hottie's fan forum, I am rebeccaofthewood.

I love this one!